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Inspired by Blossom and Books

 Happy Easter to all my readers and customers! Or if you don’t celebrate Easter, I wish you all the best for the season. Where I live it’s spring now and all my fruit trees are in blossom, which is lovely to see and has…

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A gift to help you achieve your dreams

That’s a quote I selected from one of the tips in Barbara Sher’s new eBook The Best Advice I Ever Gave I’m giving away 10 printable quotes from the book, on the theme of taking care of your dreams, to…

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Barbara Sher’s new book of tips published!

Cover of a new e-book by Barbara Sher - The Best Advice I Ever Gave

The Best Advice I Ever Gave – 94 essential tips for making your dreams come true – by Barbara Sher This is a new collection of Barbara Sher’s best-loved pieces of advice to her life-coaching clients. It’s now available for purchase as a…

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