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Cover of a new e-book by Barbara Sher - The Best Advice I Ever Gave

The Best Advice I Ever Gave – by Barbara Sher

94 essential tips for making your dreams come true

A new E-book of life-design tips by the New York Times best-selling author and “godmother of life coaching”.


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If you are unfamiliar with Barbara’s work, this is a good introduction to her unique approach to discovering your dreams and creating a life full of happiness and success on your own terms. If you are already a fan, it’s a small companion book, full of nuggets of wisdom, to keep with you on your laptop, smart phone or tablet and dip into whenever you need to remind yourself, “what would Barbara say about that?”. Buy it now in PDF format and download it to your computer or mobile device.


Cover of Barbara Sher's WriteSpeak Anthology 2016

Barbara Sher’s WriteSpeak Anthology 2016 

Selected Writings from 16 life-changing new authors

This is an exciting anthology of new writing by the graduates of Barbara Sher’s WriteSpeak program.

In the excerpts from their books the authors cover a very wide range of topics and show a remarkable individuality of styles. But they all have a strong desire to write and speak about their powerful ideas for helping people.

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