Good advice for the new year (and a cheerful new colour)

Instead of Posing

Barbara Sher’s new book is full of excellent tips, but I think that quote is especially good for the start of 2017, because it’s a year in which we are facing a lot of problems and uncertainties.

It’s a time to stop worrying about what people think of you. Stop wasting effort trying to improve yourself. Instead start taking action to improve your life and your community and the world that we all share.

I also decided to mark the new year by giving the cover of the book a bright new colour. A bit of cheerfulness is welcome at this this time of year for all of us living in cold and miserable winter zones of the northern hemisphere. We’re having an unusually cold spell now in central Europe. Brrrrrrr!! I’m envying my friends in the southern hemisphere, but of course you’ll get your turn at winter later.

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